8 Airports Around the World with Awesome Art Exhibits (SLIDESHOW)

8 Airports Around the World with Awesome Art Exhibits (SLIDESHOW)

By Daphne Auza

In airports, people are primarily fixated on locating their baggage and reaching their next destination. It is an environment that hardly resembles those of art exhibits, which encourage leisurely browsing and contemplation. Many airports, however, have chosen to incorporate art into their space as a way of adding texture and depth to the travel experience. To curate pieces, some collaborate with nearby museums and cultural institutions while others have added entire galleries onto their terminals.

In many cases, installing artwork is a hefty expense that many airports have found worthy in the long run. It provides the opportunity to differentiate one airport from another and offers entertainment and education to those in transit. Some passengers may not have time to explore cultural landmarks in the city beyond the airport, so these exhibits provide a preview through the creative works on display. With these installations, international airports turn into more than just a gateway; they reflect the artistry and traditions celebrated in their locale.

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