lisbon this is my city

Discovering Lisbon — the ‘Crazy Bitch’ of Europe — with This Is My City

lisbon this is my city

If you’re looking to ditch the guidebook and go straight to where the locals go, then This Is My City might be the online travel show for you. For each episode of This Is My City, co-founders Tim Kafalas and Thomas Beug connect with a local who is willing to show them what life is really like in that city. Over the course of a weekend, Kafalas and Beug film almost everything that transpires in order to connect the audience with an unfiltered look into life in each metropolis they explore.

“This Is My City is a show about what cities mean to the people who live in them, brought to you in the most personal way. It’s not about seeing the sights; it’s about seeing the soul” — Tim Kafalas and Thomas Beug.



Check out the Lisbon episode of This Is My City below:

Feature photo by LucaSartori

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