How Pacific Flights are Affecting the Ozone

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently studied 83,000 flights to determine which routes produce the highest amount of ozone aircraft pollution. Research found that flights coming to and from the Australia and New Zealand region produce the most ozone pollution. With several long haul flights originating and destined to that area, the aircrafts are larger and burn more fuel.


We’ve always felt a little bit bad for Australia and New Zealand, since they’re going to get totally screwed by climate change in all sorts of ways. But maybe we shouldn’t be so sympathetic. A new study shows that flights leaving from New Zealand and Australia create more ozone pollution than any other flights. Science Daily writes:

The results showed that an area over the Pacific, around 1000 km to the east of the Solomon Islands, is the most sensitive to aircraft emissions. In this region, the researchers estimated that 1 kg of aircraft emissions “” specifically oxides of nitrogen (NOx) such as nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide “” will result in an extra 15 kg of ozone being produced in one year”….Continue Reading

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