An Oasis of Organic, Local Produce at Dubai’s First Farmer’s Market

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Like an oasis, Dubai’s first farmer’s market seems to be a blessing for expats and locals alike. Nearly three years ago, Yael Mejia, a British expat, founded the marketplace after discovering how difficult it was to buy local produce despite its proximity. The farmer’s market can be found at the Emirates Towers hotel from late fall to mid-spring when the temperatures are still bearable.


Call us fickle: we may have just given you a reason to never visit Dubai skyscraper and world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa (you can experience the whole thing on Google Street View), but today we’re giving you a reason to check it out: it provides shade for the emirate’s first and only farmers’ market.

Modern Farmer reports on the origins of the marketplace, founded by the British ex-pat and proprietor of several artisan food shops in the U.K. Yael Mejia, who was disappointed by the city’s lack of local produce. “You could get crap produce from all over the world, sold in crap supermarkets just like everywhere else,” Mejia told Modern Farmer. “What about the local farms?”

It took years to bring a few local farmers on board, but the persistence paid off: 4,000 people attended the first market. Three years later, the market is still going strong”…Continue Reading

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