Antarctica Like You’ve Never Seen it Before



Scientists are studying what is underneath Antarctica’s blanket of ice in order to gain a better insight in the environmental changes taking place. Using decades of data, the British Antarctic Survey created Bedmap2 in order to allow researchers to have a better idea of the thickness of the ice sheet and even a more accurate idea of the shape of the bedrock.


Check out the most detailed map of a continent never truly seen by human eyes: the de-iced surface of Antarctica. By virtually peeling back the frozen ice sheet and studying the land beneath, researchers can get a better sense of how the southern pole of our planet could react to climate change.

Bedmap2 was created by the British Antarctic Survey, and used decades of data to produce this detailed view of the frozen continent. NASA’s contribution to the dataset includes surface measurements from its now-retired orbiting Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite, and results from several years of flyovers by specialized aircraft that collected radar and other data measuring changes in the thickness of sea ice, glaciers, and ice sheets as part of Operation IceBridge. …Continue Reading

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