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The Unfair Trade: An Insightful Look at How Coffee Gets From the Farmer to Your Cup (INFOGRAPHIC)

It’s five in the morning. Rob in Chicago opens a bag of Kenyan whole coffee bean to brew a cup. Eight thousand-plus miles away across the Atlantic, Bushogo keeps out of the afternoon Kenyan sun and takes a breather in his shack. He has been tending the coffee trees in his small farm in Machakos since Rob was getting ready to sleep the previous night. Rob and Bushogo, separated by an ocean, culture, time and lifestyle, are as intertwined to each other as the coffee that go into Rob’s cup that morning. In our age of global economy, when Rob opens that coffee bag or Bushogo picks the day’s first coffee cherry, they set in motion a complex economic chain that hundreds of enterprises around the world are built on and hundreds of thousands of lives depend. This is the economics of coffee and this is our story from cherry to cup. (Cherry to Cup: The Economics of Coffee)

Here's How You Drive The Economics of Coffee
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