AFAR Experiences Promises a Transformative Journey Into Sydney’s People and Culture

AFAR Experiences Sydney

There are few things in life that compare to an authentic travel experience where traditions, food, people, art and innovation converge.

Continuing to raise the bar in experiential travel, AFAR Media will be holding a four-day event in Sydney, Australia on May 6-9, 2013. The event is part of  an immersive travel series known as AFAR Experiences, which seeks to get beneath the surface of a place by connecting travelers with the local people and culture through exclusive access to seminars, extraordinary neighborhood walking tours, exceptional food experiences, art and cultural exhibits, and architectural gems in a brief period of time.

In Sydney, as in Cairo and Johannesburg, travelers will join AFAR editors and senior staff  in attending engaging talks and presentations from some of Australia’s most respected historians, indigenous leaders, designers and business icons. Additionally, a series of small and varied breakout activities will give attendees special access to the private spaces and studios of local artists, chefs, writers, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs.

“For AFAR Experiences Sydney, we’re taking a new approach to organizing the itinerary,” says AFAR co-founder Joe Diaz. “We’ve tapped  three well-known locals to help us curate an itinerary that is truly reflective of the incredible things that are centric to Sydney right now. One of our local ‘curators’, Elizabeth Farrelly, is a renowned architecture critic and columnist with the Sydney Morning Herald. With her help, we’ve been able to get behind the scenes with some of the city’s leading architects and design firms who will give us private access and insight into their amazing projects.”

“We’ve also brought the doyenne of the Sydney art world, Wendy Whitely,  on board as a curator,” Diaz continues. “And we’ve landed Dare Jennings who created Deus Ex Machina, a custom motorcycle detail and design business with a great cult following. We’re really excited about the spectrum of interests and knowledge we’ve tapped into.”

The Experience will also include engaging speaker panels that will touch on issues that explore the future of Australia from its precious biodiversity to a budding population of entrepreneurs.

“We really want to show a multi-faceted Sydney ““  going beyond things like the ubiquitous city sights and diverse food scene (which we do love, and will celebrate while there!),” says Diaz. “There are so many interesting stories to be told about the city: aboriginal issues, wildlife conservancy, the creative economy, and so much more. We’ve found the key people behind these issues to share their insights with us for what’s essentially an insiders’ mural of Sydney. That’s what AFAR Experiences is all about!”

Evenings will be filled with cocktail receptions, dinners with locals, and late night festivities. Tourism Australia is partnering with AFAR Media to make this once-in-a-lifetime event possible.

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