Mountain in highlands of Scotland

What if Money Was No Object? A Lecture About Following Your Passion (VIDEO)

Mountain in highlands of Scotland

Curated by Kristin Kownacky

How can success be measured? In this video narrated by British-born philosopher, writer and speaker Alan Watts, the question is asked, what if money was no object? In heeding the age-old adage that money cannot buy happiness, we must decide if what we’re doing has any resemblance to what we want to do.

kristin kowlackyAbout the Curator

Kristin Kownacky is a junior at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, where she is currently working towards a BA in journalism and international studies. It is her dream to travel the world, discovering hidden treasures and writing about each experience. Read her articles on her personal blog, Depart We Now


Photo by Michael Sking

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