city hall subway

The Culture Report: NYC’s Ruined Subways, Young Europeans Struggle with Insomnia…

city hall subway

Here’s some of our top picks for stories in culture:

Fast Company: The Ruined Stations Of New York’s Subways – We’ve shown you the insane floodwaters that filled New York’s public transit system, as well as the ongoing heroic effort to get them back up to speed. But what, exactly, does a few million gallons of salt water do to a major piece of urban infrastructure? Really bad things”…Continue Reading for more on NYC subway flooding

Worldcrunch: Survey Shows Young Europeans Losing Sleep Over Crisis – A Europe-wide study produced by the GfK research group for Swiss insurance company Zurich Versicherung has found that worry, stress and anxiety about the future affect young Europeans to such an extent that many of them can’t sleep at night…Continue Reading

New York Times: In India, a Men’s Magazine Explores Stereotypical Masculinity – This Diwali, while boys set off firecrackers and aunties light diyas and lanterns, Harish Sadani, looking rumpled as would any editor/publisher nearing a deadline, finally finds himself able to breathe. That’s because Mr. Sadani, who runs a nongovernmental organization in Mumbai known as MAVA (Men Against Violence & Abuse), has just printed off the final pages of Purush Spandana, an annual magazine, or ank, printed especially for Diwali”…Continue Reading

Fathom: The Divine Porchetta of Rome – A New York City writer happens upon a local spot at lunch in Rome. And so begins a love affair with a porchetta sandwich from heaven”…Continue Reading

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