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Where to Kick Back with a Cup of Coffee in Copenhagen

DAC& Cafe

By Denise Lu

Few things in the world are as versatile and ubiquitous as a cup of coffee that lends itself perfectly to be enjoyed in a multitude of settings. In Copenhagen, the variety of cafés and coffee bars rival those in Palermo or Paris. As the weather gets even nippier, here are three locales that each offer a different experience while sipping on a cozy brew.

cafe paludan - copenhagen

Paludan Bog & Café

Books, rather than coffee, may be the first thing you see when you first enter this labyrinth of a café. Come a bit early to get a spot because this popular location is usually packed throughout the day. Stake out a spot on a welcoming couch or nestle yourself between towering shelves of old books. Feel free to bring your laptop to do work while sipping on a warm cappuccino. Another plus is Paludan’s food menu, which offers finger-licking dishes that come in large portions. Dine extravagantly with a friend or grab a small bite to eat to keep you energized while you work. Take breaks in between to browse the massive multi-story collection of old and new books or appreciate some of the latest works of independent artists in Paludan’s art gallery.

DAC& Cafe - Foodie

DAC& Café

A great place for small special occasions, DAC& Café is the secret weapon of the Dansk Arkitektur Center. After perusing the museum’s ever-changing exhibits, relax at the café, which has an all-glass enclave hanging over one of Copenhagen’s biggest canals. Enjoy an iced latté spiked with star anise or take advantage of the extensive brunch and lunch menus. On Wednesdays, the DAC& Café is open a couple hours later (and there’s free admission to the museum on Wednesdays) so you can enjoy a late afternoon coffee and admire a glimmering skyline at sunset.

Cafe Obelix

Café Obelix

Cold and rainy autumn nights won’t stop the Danes from having a cozy time outside. Café Obelix, located on a small open square, is an ideal place to find yourself at the end of a night. The eccentric café is adorned with a plethora of the cartoon it’s named after, providing a quirky environment. On drizzly nights, take shelter under the café’s outdoor seating with huge umbrellas, warm heat lamps and heavy blankets. Café Obelix is open until the early hours of the morning so you can grab a late-night snack ““ such as the coffee and cake special ““ and share an intimate conversation with friends after a long night.

Denise Lu - Bio

About Denise:

Denise Lu is a junior at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University where she studies journalism and economics. She is currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark while also hopping around multiple countries in Europe. She loves strange music, street photography and wholesome food. With a love for entertainment and culture writing, she maintains a personal music blog at the omelette chronicles and does amateur food photography at eat your jams. Follow her on Twitter @DeniseDSLu.

Photo of  Cafe Paludan: Missusdoubleyou/flickr

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