La Tasquita de Enfrente

The Culture Report: Dining in Madrid’s Red-Light District, An Unlivable Gaza, Jobless…

La Tasquita de Enfrente

Here’s some of our top picks for stories in culture:

The New York Times Magazine: Finding the Divine in Madrid’s Red-Light District  ““ Contemporary cooking in Spain is polarized in an odd way, from the avant-garde cuisine on the one hand and the wonderful menú del dia joints on the other. The center “” talented chefs who are not necessarily trying to reinvent cuisine “” is somewhat difficult to find”…Continue Reading

Fast Company: What Would A City Run By Women Look Like? ““ You may have read recently that Saudi Arabia was planning to build “women-only” industrial city, where Saudi women would be able to work and live in a man-free environment. It turns out that the story was widely misinterpreted, but it still created an enormous controversy. Supporters suggested that it would be a great commercial success, while detractors believed it would create further degradation of women’s rights in a country where few exist. It appears that in fact, there is no plan for a women-only industrial city, but rather a segregated industrial area for women, built to address the fact that women in Saudi Arabian workplaces do not generally feel welcome or even safe. This has led to near 30% unemployment among women and increasing disenfranchisement in much of the Saudi women’s community.”…Continue Reading

BBC NewsGaza ‘will not be liveable by 2020’ – UN report ““ Basic infrastructure “is struggling to keep pace with a growing population”, the UN Country Team (UNCT) in the occupied Palestinian territory said. It estimates Gaza’s population will rise from 1.6m to 2.1m by 2020. Israel imposed a blockade on Gaza after the Islamist movement Hamas seized power in the coastal territory in 2007″…Continue Reading

Time: Just How Underemployed Is Gen Y? ““ Gen Y is in a bind. This group of 18- to 29-year-olds has been told they must go to college in order to find a decent job. Yet upon graduating, few jobs are available to young people “” and those that are open often don’t require a college degree. Earlier this year, The Atlantic pointed to data indicating that 53% of recent college grads were either jobless or underemployed.”…Continue Reading

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