Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel Travel App

Saucy, Sassy and Classy: Mr and Mrs Smith’s Hotel Travel App Rocks

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel Travel App

When on the search for boutique hotels, I’ve always been a fan of Mr and Mr Smith as a “go to” resource. The site features luxury properties located in posh cities and  remote destinations alike. So when I found out that the site launched an app, I had to check it out.

Overall, this app rocks for three reasons:

1. Great Hotel Selections from Seasoned Professionals in the Palm of Your Hand. If you desire, reserve a room at a moment’s notice and get the added perks of booking with Mr and Mrs Smith’s. Benefits vary from a bottle of local wine to an upgraded room.

2. It’s Pretty Damn Witty and Entertaining.  British humor and devious deeds reign supreme in this well thought out app.  From “Truth or Dare” games to a feature that actually provides users with excuses to get out of work, you won’t get bored of these sassy options.

3. It’s practical. Not only do you get insight into the company’s worldwide collection of hotels, but the app also comes packed with “How To” ideas for local excursions, such as packing the perfect picnic. (Not always the easiest thing to get right when surprising your partner.)

Not let’s dig into the details with some screenshots:

The app has two options from the start: Play or Plan.

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel App - Plan or Play

Let’s first take a look at the Plan option.  As you can see below, it’s pretty straightforward — plug in your destination, get a list of Mr and Mrs Smith’s favorite hotels, and peruse the in-depth reviews of each.

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel App - Book Hotels

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel App - Book HotelsMr and Mrs Smith Hotel App - Book Hotels - Azur Lodge New Zealand








Now that you’ve found your next hotel stay, let’s get to the fun part of this app.  The “Play” section.  As a huge fan of everything edgy and creative, I was impressed with charismatic option.  Let’s check it out:

Stuck in you hotel room during a monsoon or some crazy storm brought on by climate-change?  Voila! “Truth or Dare” to the rescue.  Why not use this unfortunate event to get naughty, spice up your holiday and wash away any weather-induced anxiety.

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel - Play - Truth or Dare

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel - Play - Dare








Looking for a little background music to complement the candles and luminous fireplace you’re using to set the mood?  TuneSmith curates a portion of your iPod music library.  (And yes, that’s Bella Luna from Jason Mraz – it’s from Maria’s iTunes account, I swear)

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel - Play - TuneSmith








“Little White Lies” may be coolest feature of this app. Daydreaming at work about an excuse to cut out on Friday and go to that awesome hotel by the beach?  The app has some hilarious excuses ready to go with just one click of the “Send” button.

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel - Play - Little White Lies - Get Out of Work Excuses

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel App - Get Out of Work - Letter to Your Boss








No Hablo Espanol? No problemo.  The Mr and Mrs Smith hotel app has you covered.  With essential phases as well as some non- essential, but funny phrases you’ll be hablo-ing espanol like a pro on your next Mexican journey.

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel App - How to Speak the Lingo

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel App - How to Speak the Lingo - Spanish








Happy hoteling!

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