Coffee, Kale, Oatmeal and Udon: What We’re Eating – From NYC to Tokyo (Infographic)

What we're eating - NYC Coffee

Some believe that food is the universal symbol for happiness. For some of us in the States, a slice of pizza, or a warm doughy pretzel smacks a smile on our face. Other, more health-conscious eaters, may delight in a crisp, fresh salad, or a bowl of steamy oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon. (New Yorkers can’t live without their coffee.) Our South American neighbors in Brazil love beans and papaya and in Japan, fish and ramen are popular good eats.

According to “Who Eats What?”, an infographic published by Massive Health, the world’s most popular foods are salad, chicken, cheese, rice, tea, coffee, milk, eggs, apples, soup, yogurt and bread. The health care start-up conducted research based on data collected from its iPhone app, Eatery, which stored 7.68 million photos of different foods submitted by users from cities across the globe. Complied over five months, the data revealed people’s eating habits in cities like Copenhagen, San Paulo, San Francisco and Tokyo. In many aspects, the study proved to line up with other, more scientific surveys, which linked the consumption of certain foods with diabetes and obesity.

Check out how people’s diets differ based on their geographic location:

(If you have difficulty viewing this infographic, try the original — it’s pretty massive.)

What were eating - from NYC to Tokyo

Photo by: TheCulinaryGeek

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