Women in South Africa

12 Reasons Why Investing in Women Creates a Better World (Infographic)

Women in South Africa

Believe it or not, much of the world’s most critical issues can be mitigated simply by investing in women. Women make up two-thirds of the world’s unpaid labor and are responsible for growing more than half the world’s food, yet they represent 70 percent of those living in poverty.

It has been proven that women are more likely to invest up to 90 percent of what they earn in their family’s future and in the future of the communities in which they live. However, women in developing nations are still paid less than half of their counterparts, and are rarely given rights to own land even though they make up 43 percent of the world’s agriculture labor force.

Many women in underdeveloped and developing nations receive very little education — if any at all — which increases the likelihood of becoming wed at an early age and bearing more children than a women who stays in school.

The following infographic outlines the most critical issues facing women today, and the simple solutions that can make all the difference in creating a better world for women, which in turn creates a better world for all.

Investing in Women Infographic

Infographic via USAID



Feature photo by: flickr/United Nations Photo

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