Photos: Lost in Time, the Forgotten Island of Bozcaada

In the Aegean Sea, not far off the west coast of Turkey is the little-known island of Bozcaada. Here, time stands still in the most nostalgic of ways. Old men gather in town square to play backgammon over tulip glasses of Turkish tea, shops open around nine, or ten depending on the haziness of early summer mornings, and people on the streets greet one another as neighbors, stopping to chat, or just to offer a cordial handshake.

And the island is old-fashioned in the most winsome of ways. Row houses accented with colors from childhood — pink, purple, yellow and blue — flank cobbled alleys and main roads. The smell of the salty sea wafts from the shore and mixes with the delicious scent of thyme, an herb which grows in abundance here.

Bozcaada is tiny — 15 sq mi to be exact — so traipsing around town without getting lost is guaranteed after the first couple of strolls. It’s easy to find a favorite cafe or bench to enjoy a scoop of ice cream or a strong cup of Turkish coffee.

The photos below capture the life that pours into this little island throughout the summer months. The last four images feature one of the most beautiful B&B’s in all of Turkey — Rengigul, which is owned by Ozcan Germiyanoğlu, a kindergarten teacher turned artist and designer. One of the most special features of Germiyanoğlu’s B&B is her enchanting garden where a communal brunch is held each morning and where guests cozy up with books among the many flowers, trees and small plots of vegetables.




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