The Best Gelato in New York

The best gelato in new york city - il labrotorio del gelato

It was creamy and smooth with delightfully potent flavors.  Cooling on the tongue; a refreshingly thick and silky combination that triggered fond visions of my husband and I savoring every last lick as we gazed at the Trevi Fountain. On a small street in a bustling area of Manhattan il laboratorio del gelato sat inconspicuously ““ an odd contrast to its lavish gelato.

I barely found the small window café tucked among a row of stores and apartments on Orchard Street. I guess I was expecting an air-conditioned eatery with periwinkle walls and large overflowing tubs of gelato.  Quite the opposite.  “The lab” as it is referred to buy regulars and local chefs, had one grinning woman scooping for a crowd of customers. Medium-sized tubs lined with vibrant colors and tagged with the names of exotic flavors like Honey Lavender and Black Sesame, were just tempting to look at.

My husband and I chose a double-whammy of Dulce de Leche/Hazelnut and Lavender Honey/Vanilla– truly bellissimo! We found a bench across the street and poked our little spoons gently into the delectable Italian ice cream, savoring each delicious scoop.  Like the two children sitting next to us, we slurped up every last milky drop with reveries of our first anniversary in Rome flashing through our head. It was only after finishing the delightful treat that I appreciated the “no fuss” setup of such a simple food experience.  We were forced to be immersed in the lively happenings of the city creating a more memorable experience filled with people-watching and sultry summer smells.

Il laboratorio del gelato is owned by Jon Sydner, an entrepreneur who formerly owned the Ciao Bella Gelato Company.  He believes in using the freshest ingredients which are often locally and organically grown, and creating small batches for a truly artisan result.

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