Why Everyone Should See an Ayurvedic Doctor

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By Angelica Olstad When it comes to my health I can be a little inconsistent. I’m a yoga teacher so it goes without saying that I am mindful of my well-being. However, I’m also a yoga teacher who occasionally eats cheeseburgers, drinks whiskey, and indulges in lattes, cappuccinos and sweet treats. On the flip side, […]

Why 25 is the New 50

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BY KERN CARTER When I turned 25 I remember feeling severely depressed that I hadn’t accomplished all of my goals and that my life wasn’t exactly how I had imagined it years prior as an eager university graduate. I felt like a failure, like my time to be successful had almost run out. I thought […]

You Wouldn’t Believe This Happens on Facebook Every Minute

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Girl taking selfie photo via Shutterstock Facebook is truly the king of social media. The amount of shares, uploads, “Likes” and friend requests per minute is almost unfathomable. We have become a society of sharers, narcissists, media consumers and social media junkies. And the craziest part is that FB only launched in 2004. Who knows what […]

Discovering Nepal in 50 Fascinating Ways

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The idea of Nepal is simply fascinating in itself. Even the most traveled of travelers are often missing the country’s entry stamp on their passport. As one of the most difficult places to get to and one of the least covered nations in the world by the media, Nepal remains an anomaly to most of […]