Bigger Isn’t Always Better: 10 Small Cities with Growing Job Opportunities

st george ut

If the bustling metropolitan life isn’t for you, then consider the following North American cities that have seen a larger growth in job opportunities than their more populous cousins. 10 Small Cities with Growing Job Opportunities By The Culture-ist If the bustling metropolitan life isn't for you, then consider the following North American cities that have […]

10 of the Best Co-Working Spaces in NYC


Because sometimes you need to escape from the skyscraper in the sky to bring your ideas down to solid ground. Here are some places to work in the hustle and bustle of the city that never rests. Click each slide to find out more. 10 of the Best Co-Working Spaces in NYC By The Culture-ist […]

What School Meals Look Like in Countries Around the World (INFOGRAPHIC)

school lunches around the world

The UK’s Bidvest 3663 is about to launch the Universal Infant Free Schools Meals (UIFSM). The School Food Plan is an initiative to encourage teachers to improve culture and meal uptake in their school. But have you ever wondered what a regular lunchtime meal option consists of in other countries around the world? Did you know school pupils in […]

Are You Guilty of Smoasting?

what is smoasting

What is “smoasting” you ask? It’s that thing most of us do on social media that includes selfies, food porn photos and boasting about our lives in picturesque settings — hence the word smoasting (social media+boasting). We are not in the business of promoting this kind of narcissism, but should you enjoy a good dose […]

Who Am I? The Self-Exploration of a Third Culture Kid

third culture kid

By Ana Prundaru I’m a third culture kid. My home is floating somewhere along the airport buzz, between flavorless in-flight meals and random conversations with strangers. I receive my daily vitamins from an airport Starbucks and my entire belongings fit into a Samsonite Hyperspace 17 upright. I boarded my first International flight to China at the […]

Why Curiosity, Soul Searching and the Ability to Ponder is Necessary for Success

thrive book

Yes, we know this looks like an advertisement for Ariana Huffington’s book, THRIVE, but we actually just really dig the infographic below her sassy picture (disclosure: none of us have read Huffington’s book). By now, after being doused with lessons on “Happiness” we all know the importance of work/life/balance, but are we also embracing the very things […]

Saving the Language of Norfolk Island


By Francesca Baker There’s a small island just off the coast of Australia. I mean small – a population of 2800 live on 36 square kilometres. It’s part of the Australian Commonwealth, and many at the age of 18 move to the mainland, lured by the lights of Sydney, but Norfolk Island remains home. The […]