Americans Have the Weirdest Habits of Any Culture in the World (INFOGRAPHIC)

weird americans

In the study, “The Weirdest People in the World,” behavioral scientists from the University of British Columbia in Canada rebut the traditional scientific theory that all humans have similar psychological traits. It turned out that Americans are somewhat isolated in liking the idea of getting the bigger slice of the pie, a trait frowned upon in […]

Evensong in Oxford

Outside of New College chapel Oxford

Margaret Barthel In the evening, Oxford takes an elongated collective breath. Its pulse, frenetic during the day–the direct result of being home to 22,000 busy undergraduate and graduate students–slows. The bells of the college chapels and cathedrals toll to signal the beginning of evensong, a short sung liturgy that has been performed in dim chapels […]

Did You Stop, Breathe & Think Today? Check Out Our Favorite Meditation App

Stop Breathe and Think app

  The Stop, Breathe & Think app makes meditation easy. You can choose from a list of guided meditations or answer a series of short questions that evaluate your mood and overall well-being after checking in.   The guided mediation helps those new to this practice stay calm and focused while those who meditate regularly can […]

The Forgotten Child Refugees of Syria (INFOGRAPHIC)

Syria refugees

As the war in Syria enters its fourth year, there are approximately 3.5 million refugees — currently 6,000 people per day — fleeing to Lebanon and Jordan. Fifty percent of refugees are children and these little souls are bearing the unimaginable, many with no hope of attending school in the near future. This infographic highlights […]

The Power of Incense from Primitive Times to Modern Day

incense and anxiety

By Maria Russo If you’ve traveled to the holy temples of the Far East and other parts of Asia, you understand the peace and almost transcendental experiences that can occur. My own experiences in India, Sri Lanka, Bali and Thailand were indeed spiritual, serene and freeing. It is the sense of peace, the intricately woven […]

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