See How This Donated Laptop Makes its Way From Brooklyn to Guinea, West Africa

globetops 1

Technology has been an increasingly vital part of American life since the dawn of computers. But often we are so immersed in our digital devices that we don’t even realize how fortunate we are to have access to technology to learn, teach, explore and inspire. Brooklyn-based nonprofit Globetops is an online community that shares used and redundant laptops with people […]

Millennials: Don’t Shy Away From This Important Health Test

HIV:AIDS ribbon

Red Ribbon HIV/AIDS photo via Shutterstock By Diana Smith June 27 is National HIV Testing Day, an initiative that encourages individuals across the country to get tested in an effort to prevent the spread of HIV. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are approximately 50,000 new infections of HIV in the […]

The WEEP Women of Kenya

kenyan woman

Kenyan Woman photo via Shutterstock By Rose Taylor One of the most significant discussions today is centered around women’s equality and empowerment, making it a leading issue in the new global economy. Despite copious NGO’s and local charities working for women’s rights and empowerment, the extent to which such institutions are successful is variable. On […]

Every Commercial Should be This Inspiring

Unsung hero commercial

Who knew a life insurance commercial could send messages of selflessness, kindness and happiness? Aren’t commercials suppose to make us more aggressive consumers who are greedy and self-absorbed? The Thai’s beg to differ. “Unsung Hero,” created by TVC Thai Life Insurance, features a young Thai man who demonstrates selfless acts of kindness on his way to […]

Conflict Palm Oil: How Your Candy May Contribute to Modern Slavery, Climate Change and Orangutan Extinction

conflict palm oil plantation

By Gemma Tillack, Senior Forest Campaigner for Rainforest Action Network It’s hard to believe that chocolate rabbits can kill orangutans, but a common ingredient in America’s candies is doing exactly that, and worse. Much of the candy you consume contains palm oil that may be linked to child labor, modern slavery, land grabs, rainforest destruction, […]

Tiny T-Shirts to Save the Elephants

J crew elephant t shirts

This post was originally published on the blog of our friends at Absolute Travel Three words: orphaned baby elephant. That is all you need to know about J.Crew’s sweetest t-shirt, designed by Brooklyn-based illustrator, Hugo Guinness. As part of their Garments for Good initiative, 100% of the net proceeds will go towards our friends at The […]