#KnowWhoMadeIt: A Personal Look at the Amazing Artisans Behind Krochet Kids Int’l

krochet kids #knowwhomadeit campaign

On Wednesday, Krochet Kids International is launching a new campaign called #KnowWhoMadeIt. The goal of the campaign is to start a conversation around the importance of knowing who makes the organization’s hip apparel and not just where the items come from. In honor of this amazing campaign, Krochet Kids International is asking online shoppers to “name their price” on […]

These Cool T-Shirts Fight to End Gendercide In India

sevenly end gendercide

50 million girls are missing in India and chances are the majority of them were victims of gendercide – the systematic mass killing of children because of their sex. Sevenly is excited to feature the Invisible Girl Project this week to help end gendercide in India and increase the perceived value of girls. Help raise awareness for this important issue […]

Noble Nonprofits: IRC – Meet an Aid Worker on the Front Lines of West Africa’s Ebola Crisis

irc in liberia ebola

Emmanuel Boyah, the International Rescue Committee’s primary health manager stationed in Liberia confronts the harsh reality of the Ebola outbreak in hard-hit Lofa County. According to the World Health Organization, more than 240 health care workers have been infected with Ebola in West Africa and of the 240 victims, at least half have died from the virus. […]

These 10 Young Minds Are Changing the Food System

people changing food

This post comes courtesy of  Margot Tuchler and Danielle Nierenberg of Food Tank: The Food Think Tank Innovations in agriculture don’t just come from veteran environmentalists or food industry heavyweights. In fact, many inspiring projects are the creations of youth around the world. Food Tank is excited to highlight ten young foodies who make us more […]

Mealshare: Charitable Dining Goes Big in Canada


By Suhana Sol The next time you dine out in Canada, you can help feed someone in need simply by picking the right item off a menu. Mealshare, a non-profit Canadian-based startup, teams up with restaurants to allocate Mealshare items on their menu. When a customer orders a Mealshare item (distinguished by the orange fork and […]