20 Breakfasts From Around the World

Ah, breakfast, you truly are the most important meal of the day. Strutting around your  fluffy pancakes,  savory eggs, buttery waffles,  and gourmet parfaits what’s there not to love about you? In fact, you’re pretty popular the world over even if you do come in different forms. Too many faces to count, this infographic displays 20 cultural breakfasts from countries around the globe.

Breakfasts From Around The World 20 Breakfasts From Around the World

by Lemon.ly.
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pixel 20 Breakfasts From Around the World


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    I’m from Scotland, haggis is not a breakfast dish. A traditional Scottish breakfast would be porridge.

    From the above list I love foul medames (Egypt) but my favourite breakfast when travelling is not on the list. It’s a masala dosa from South India. I love dosas any time of day.

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