quote Each friend represents a world in us

In Friendship, a New World is Born in Us

quote Each friend represents a world in us


“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”  Anaïs Nin


I sit here watching the snow whirl, skip and undulate in a graceful dance with the wind. It is the first true snow day of the year and the world around me has slowed. It is peaceful, and in this moment everything looks beautiful, enveloped in a gorgeous, soft blanket of white powder.

There is not much to do other than laze in pajamas with a hot cup of tea and exchange notes with my girlfriends that make us laugh and giggle like schoolgirls who have just been told that classes have been called off for the day. In these moments I feel alive and childlike as I always do when we find something, anything to laugh about.

That’s the thing about good friends, they create a new world in us, one filled with joy, love and beauty. They help us get through the darkness and always provide a flame as we creep through the sometimes seemingly endless tunnel. They make us feel safe and their kindness soothes and nourishes our heart.

Throughout my teenage years, I had one friend with whom I shared a deep soul connection. Our friendship was one of immense joy and endless laughter. We could turn any situation into something fun and adventurous. She created a world in me that knew only happiness, excitement and smiles. She was my person. Though now oceans apart, we are friends to this day.

As I entered adulthood, making friends became more difficult. We adults with our lists of responsibilities stop gathering for sleepovers and ice cream and boy/girl talk. Life is different and complicated. We become set in our ways and lose our openness to be vulnerable. Most of all we fear judgement. So we sweep who we are aside to fit in the various adult arenas: work, parenting, homeowner, school/community leader…etc. But somewhere in my mid 30’s things started to shift. I started practicing yoga (which I swear has shifted everything in my life) and began to chisel away the shell I had formed around my fragile heart. I met people who made me feel safe about being exactly who I am. There was no judgement – just love. Overflowing, kind unadulterated love.

These people, unlike many adults I had met in my 20s, did not expect anything in return. They are givers, living from the depths of their soul and the warmth in their heart – they love without conditions. These new friends help breathe life into my dreams and quietly carry a flame when I am lost in the depths of darkness. They provide a space to be vulnerable. And yes, we laugh, from our bellies and sometimes over ice cream.

Once again, a bright new world has been created by the loving presence of friends. They have taught me to trust and to know that I am safe, always safe. They have restored a soul-stirring feeling of inspiration and a knowing that we must dance through life just as the soft snow and powerful wind twirl through the endless skies together – boldly, bravely, beautifully – unaware of where the dance will take them.

If you are not feeling this dance with the friends in your life, perhaps you might want to reflect on whether the relationship is opening or forming a shell over your heart. Our lives our precious and limited. If we choose to fill it with people who make us come alive and who we in turn receive with love, we will be in awe of the rich, sweet ice cream-flavored meaning that will color our world.


Photo: Anthony Russo

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