2 Simple Ways to Take Time for Those You Love


By Colin Daniels

As a child, I was always told time is more valuable than money. I would hear that and think “You’re crazy! Five dollars is so much money!” As an adult, I can finally see what my elders were telling me. People seem always on the go, and it can feel as if no one has time for loved ones. According to a Gallup poll from December, 48 percent of U.S. respondents say they do not have enough time to do what they want. (Although it may feel that we’re more stretched than ever, that rate has been about the same for the past 14 years.)

I feel that people use the excuse of being too busy too often when friends and family ask to spend time with them. If you truly care about someone, you will make time for him or her, and, I believe, doing so can contribute to your well-being. This is not something I learned overnight, but these techniques have helped me when trying to schedule time for those I care about.

If You’re Thinking About Them, Let Them Know

I love my friends – people who truly allow me to be myself — and I think about them constantly. I love when they text me things that they see that reminds them of me or just call to say they miss me. We often don’t tell people enough how much we love them. Why wait for someone to pass away to share how much they mean to you? Tell them now.

Save the Date: Put It In Your Calendar

Dating, even socializing, can be complicated, especially when you and the person you’re seeing have opposite schedules. Oftentimes if the person says he or she can’t make a specific date, we just say “OK, maybe another time.” The question is, when exactly is “another time”? I always try to find another time right then and there. If I can’t do a particular date, I pull out my phone and search my calendar for an alternative. I tell the person I’m putting it in my phone, and I set a reminder so I have no excuse to forget. I always value when people do the same for me.

People you love and care about should be given the same amount of attention you give a work or school assignment. If something is a priority, we always find a way to make it happen.


Colin Daniels is a journalism graduate student at Emerson College. After graduating, Colin plans on pursuing a career in communications. Follow him @RueDesRome.

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