Why I Use Crystals to Help Manage My Anxiety



I started using crystals as a tool for my anxiety a few months ago. I was attending an AA meeting in a new city and a friend gave me a small gift to hold. It was a black rock with smooth edges that fit squarely in my palm. It had a name: tourmaline. I sat through the whole meeting rubbing the little guy in my hand, breathing deeply and not feeling nearly as anxious as I usually do when trying new things.

Fast forward to months later; I no longer have that little rock (I’ve passed it on to a friend). But in its place I’ve started a much larger collection of crystals. It took some getting used to — that is, accepting that I was deriving comfort from a rock. It seemed silly to desperately be cradling the crystals in my hand, like they were the blanket I slept with every night as a little girl. However, I now give crystals to almost everyone in my life. I’ve come to view them as very powerful, helpful creatures.

I’m not too far off base; it turns out lots of people use crystals for their healing energies. Specific crystals can be used for specific things. For anxiety, a few crystals with the most comforting properties include blue lace agate, amethyst, calcite and labradorite. I always have all of these near by.

My therapist told me that for some clients, she suggests sleeping with a specific crystal under their pillow or carrying it in their pocket during the day. I’ve done both, and I cannot begin to explain the calming effect these practices have had. It’s hard to believe doing something so small could be so soothing.

I acknowledge crystal healing is not for everyone. I’m simply suggesting it as one tool in a box of many for those dealing with anxiety. Though doctors have their doubts about the actual benefits of crystal healing, an article titled “Crystal Healing: Stone-Cold Facts About Gemstone Treatments” on Live Science suggests using crystals for healing or comfort might induce a placebo effect (that is, though it may not directly do anything, you take comfort from knowing it’s there, and that in turn makes you feel better).

Crystal healing sessions feature various stones placed on specific parts of a person’s body. The healer might spend more time on a certain part of your body if you express stress hidden in that area. I haven’t done a healing session yet, but I have a few referrals in my inbox and plan to check them out.

Personally, I’m a fan of carrying a crystal or two (or three) wherever I go. I no longer feel weird toting little rocks with me. Instead, I just appreciate how they make me feel and help me through stressful situations.


Haley Sherif is completing her B.F.A. in creative nonfiction at Emerson College. She is the creative director of Your Magazine. In 2015 she self-published a book titled “All the Pretty Girls.” Follow her @HaleySherif

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