fitness for humanity

Fitness for Humanity: Give Back While Fostering a Healthier Mind, Body and Soul

fitness for humanity

By Jovana Mandic

Before my fitness journey, the mere mention of words such as “fitness” or “healthy lifestyle” caused an immediate sigh of discontent and a flood of negative emotions. But at the youthful age of 19-years-old with a handful of medical disorders looming over my head, the words “fitness” and “healthy lifestyle” became a significant part of my vocabulary. It became important for me to physically change and better myself, however, I was never prepared for the mental shift and feeling of empowerment that would also come. With the love and continual support of those around me, I had the ability and determination to transform my mind, body and soul. Fitness taught me self-love and cultivated the environment for positive thought and action.

These very values and lessons are the cornerstone of what inspired me to launch Fitness for Humanity, a fundraising concept that will support Humanity Unified Int’l in their journey of empowering women and their families in Rwanda. After the horrific genocide that occurred in 1994, the people of Rwanda were left with shattered communities and infrastructure and a traumatized population of women, 70 percent of whom had very little skills and opportunities. Humanity Unified, among other organizations, has stepped forward on this journey of reconstruction and reconciliation in order to provide women and their families with a better and brighter future.

So how can YOU help empower others through your own empowerment?

By hosting a fitness class in your local community or school that encourages a supportive environment based on self-love and empowerment (and of course fun!). The proceeds from the fundraiser will go directly to Humanity Unified International’s current project with Aspire Rwanda which provides women with the tools necessary to rise above poverty. This is not only an opportunity to empower and challenge yourself but also to positively impact someone who is in need of empowerment and hope.

Get involved today

  • Organize a donation-based fitness class at your home, school, a local gym or community organization such as a YMCA
  • Share HU’s mission and story and let people know how their donations will directly empower Rwandan women living in extreme poverty. Their empowerment is empowering the lives of others – how amazing is that?!
  • Donate the proceeds from your fitness class(es) HERE
  • Share your Fitness for Humanity experiences with us at [email protected] and sign up to receive updates on the project and notes from the field.
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