ideapod mobile app

This New App Allows You to Create and Share Videos With a Community That Turns Ideas Into Actions

ideapod mobile app

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.― Eleanor Roosevelt

Imagine a social media platform where you communicate with people based on your passions, with genuine and enduring relationships being forged. This is Ideapod, where conversations happen at the level of ideas.

The company is crowdfunding the development of a mobile app, and they need your help. The app is unique as it allows creation of 40 second video ideas, with audio and visual filters to help your idea have impact. You can share your moments of inspiration with a community that is ready and willing to connect and to help turn your ideas into action.

 To learn more about the app, and to join us in sharing and contributing to the campaign visit Ideapod on indiegogo 


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