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#LiveOutLoud on Instagram: Yodeling Around the Globe

Global Yodel - Istanbul

Like so many of us, Jesse Weinberg caught the travel bug and since has been exploring new places and cultures. He realized that it’s not always possible to hop on the road – sometimes there are budget constraints, time restrictions, or what have you. But this didn’t stop Jesse, instead it inspired him to create a forum called Global Yodel, which allows travelers to share their knowledge and experience with other travelers, so that all ‘Yodelers” can truly experience local culture.

Authors contribute YODELS to the community, submitting articles, photography or videos of their local neighbourhood. The purpose of these yodels is to share and learn about places around the globe through the eyes of a local – making the magic of travel accessible to everyone. Global Yodel currently has Yodels from over 50 countries, and hopes to extend to every country around the world  – ensuring travel and wanderlust is accessible to everybody, regardless of where they come from, or wherever they’re going.

To learn more about Global Yodel visit their website and follow them on Instagram for more incredible photos like these.

Global Yodel - Paris

Global Yodel - Winter sunset

Global Yodel - Tapei

Global Yodel - West Coat

Global Yodel - San Francisco

Global Yodel - Reflections

Global Yodel - Lake

Global Yodel - Seattle

Global Yodel - London

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