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The Gratitude Project, A Millennial’s Quest to Find Happiness: Day 9 – Patience

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Day 9 – I am grateful for the patience that stands between me and my purpose.

For more than two years I’ve wanted to develop a nonprofit. Let me rephrase that: for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to do something that made an impact on the lives of others in dire situations. When I was young, I was always drawn to the kids who were considered “different”. I don’t know if it was all the Sundays I watched my mother pray in church for everyone who was sick, broke, dead and angry or just a soft lump in my heart for people who seemed to always get the short end of the stick, but I wasn’t happy unless I was helping someone who needed it just a little bit more than the rest.

When I entered college, I went from only really knowing my small world of Berkeley Heights, NJ to learning about places like Africa, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. As a journalism and international studies major, I studied the connection and complex relationships between countries, the sliminess of global politics and most importantly I studied atrocities such as apartheid, genocide, and modern slavery. I was always more concerned about things like the Second Congo War then what celebrity was getting a boob job. Perhaps it was partly the influence of going to school in DC, where many raging liberals lived and protested for the rights of the underprivileged, or perhaps it was just that lump in my heart being drawn to the possibility of choosing a career that allowed me to actually do something meaningful with my life (I know, what a concept).

Like most college grads, I immediately got sucked into doing something I disliked for a paycheck and getting oneself out of such a black hole can take years…many, many years.

Luckily, I climbed my way out and hoisted myself into the jaws of entrepreneurship. I was swallowed up, spit out, licked back up and used as chewing gum, but at least I’m still floating in Moby’s mouth and not in his colon. I am doing what I love, no matter how difficult it may be, and I have finally reached a point where I can pursue my dream of developing a nonprofit.

I will admit that I have been praying…a lot (all those Sundays with Mom must have rubbed off). I have been manifesting, hoping and sometimes even screaming my aspirations out loud when no one is home. And. I. think. an. opportunity. is. finally. here. I am HAPPY really really happy because if this opportunity comes through it will allow me to support a cause I believe in while learning the workings of a nonprofit. The location is in Africa, the place I see every time I close my eyes and picture myself carrying out this mission of mine. The organization supports small farmers (did I mention I am obsessed with farming?) and the founders share my beliefs and philosophies.

Sometimes patience is the only thing standing in between you and your purpose.

Perhaps the waiting is over…


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