Schorr’s thesis, “Mixed Reality Living Spaces

This Tiny Home of the Future Adapts to Your Activity, Creating a Virtual Reality

Schorr’s thesis,  “Mixed Reality Living Spaces

In the future, we’ll be forced to live in tight spaces with no windows. When that time comes, our environments will have to adapt to our necessities.
It will be aware of how and for what we’re using a room. And once it does so, it will create a proper environment.

Those will be Mixed Reality Living Spaces. — Bernardo Schorr

Bernardo Schorr, an MFA candidate in Parsons’ Design and Technology program is predicting that in the future most of us will have to live in windowless, tiny apartments. Schorr’s thesis,  “Mixed Reality Living Spaces” addresses how we will cope with confinement when ‘Armageddon’ comes knocking on our door. He suggests that furniture will need to be mobile and easily shaped into different forms to serve different purposes and that ‘computer vision’ will make the environment aware of our choices.

The weirdest idea (or most brilliant depending on your opinion of confined living) Schorr proposes is centered around creating a virtual reality that will adapt to activity within our home. Watch the video to learn more about Schorr’s utterly depressing, and in many ways, creepy vision for the future of human habitats.

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