30 Ways to Live Greener

ways to live greener

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Who knew living more sustainably could be an easy undertaking with just a few lifestyle adjustments? This articles contains a feasible list of ways to live greener, which will not only contribute to your well-being, but the well-being of the planet and all who live on it.

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Earth Day may be over, but we should each make an effort to be green all year round. If we all make a few small changes, we can have a big impact on saving the Earth.

Here are 30 simple steps you can take to be more green:

1. Meal plan efficiently so you don’t waste food.

2. Make your own cleaning supplies.

3. Participate in Meatless Monday.

4. Carpool to the office.

5. Wear your clothes a few times before washing, including pants, sweaters, and items that don’t collect a lot of dirt.

6. Turn off water when brushing your teeth.

7. Buy local and freeze leftovers, like herbs, in-season produce, etc.

8. Plan your errands so you make fewer trips.

9. Conduct an at-home energy audit.

10. Plant your own organic garden.

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