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Americans Have the Weirdest Habits of Any Culture in the World (INFOGRAPHIC)

Americans Have the Weirdest Habits of Any Culture in the World (INFOGRAPHIC)

In the study, “The Weirdest People in the World,” behavioral scientists from the University of British Columbia in Canada rebut the traditional scientific theory that all humans have similar psychological traits. It turned out that Americans are somewhat isolated in liking the idea of getting the bigger slice of the pie, a trait frowned upon in other cultures. The researchers even labeled Americans as “weird,” meaning, different.

A few facts that make us the weirdest people in the world: Fifty-eight percent of Americans sleep with their cat or dog, and 27 percent of us are living today in a one-person household, a significant increase from 17 percent in the 1970s.; FEMA uses Waffle House’s menu and opening hours to estimate how bad a situation is after a storm; and lipstick sales and hemline lengths are actually quite accurate in measuring the strength of US economy.

Not convinced yet? This infographic may change your mind and your outlook on what many of us consider “normal” as our society becomes more technologically reliant, works longer hours and lives in McMansions that separate us from our neighbors and community.


Comparison of Americans' Unusual Habits: Lipstick Sales &  Hemline Length Used To Measure Economy

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