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InstaHappiness: What We’re Doing Around the World to Find It (PHOTOS)

InstaHappiness: What We’re Doing Around the World to Find It (PHOTOS)

By Caroline King

For many of us (especially millennials), the concept of “being happy” has become an important part of the way we live our lives; depending on who we are and where we come from, different things define this emotion. While being consistently happy is not always easy, there are things we can do to help improve our mood and make us feel better. Check out the list below to get a sampling of different activities that have been scientifically proven to make us happier, and the parts of the world where it’s best to enjoy them.


Practicing yoga is meant to connect our mind, body, and spirit. While we get the benefits of the physical activity of stretching and moving, yoga also incorporates meditation, which helps us clear our minds of any worry and stress and get a better sense of what it means to live in the present.

Although yoga originated in ancient India, Costa Rica has become a haven for yogis all over the world, hosting a variety of retreats and sanctuaries.

yoga in costa rica

astraya_yoga shows us a radiant image of a woman practicing yoga in Costa Rica.

yoga in bali

Bali is also a common place to practice yoga, and it’s no wonder why as seen in this photo by jouschka.


Dancing is a great mode of both exercise and self-expression; it helps release endorphins, which makes us feel better. Tango is one of the more popular forms of dancing, which originated in Argentina.

tengo in argentina

bignits captures this lovely couple embracing each other while tango dancing on the streets of Buenos Aires.


Giving back is a wonderful way to improve your mood while also helping others in need. While riding elephants is a major tourist draw in Thailand, it also creates a dangerous and abusive environment for the elephants. Instead of partaking in this tourist trap, you can interact with these wonderful creatures at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, where rescued elephants are rehabilitated and given a new life.

volunteering creates happiness

The happiness of both the elephants and volunteer just beam through this picture, taken by _jdoe.

Eating chocolate

Chocolate is not only delicious, but it’s been shown to improve our mood. While there are a myriad of varieties of this treat available all over the world, Belgium is known to produce some of the tastiest.

chocolate in brussels

Here, jerrocklife shows us an array of chocolate available at a chocolatier in Brussels.

Drinking coffee

Caffeine, antioxidants, and the releasing of chemicals like serotonin are just a few ways coffee has been linked to making us happier.

chocolate and happiness

Not only does the coffee plant originate in Ethiopia, but it remains at the center of a traditional cultural ceremony: the beans are first roasted on a pan, ground, boiled, and then poured into small cups. Here, lelelelion shows us a beautiful display from a coffee ceremony.

Colombia coffee instagram

Colombia is also known to grow some of the best coffee the world over. Here, germansilvas shows us a gorgeous view of a coffee plantation in the Nariño department of Colombia.

 Going outdoors

Sometimes all it takes to lift our spirits and de-stress is to step outside. Whether you’re hiking, taking a walk, biking, or just soaking up the sunshine, being outdoors and close to nature makes us feel happier.

being outdoors happiness

I can’t think of a better place to take in the beauty of nature than in Engelberg, Switzerland. Just looking at this photo is an instant mood lifter! Taken by seeaaha.

 Visiting Denmark

In 2013, the UN named Denmark the happiest country on Earth. While it may be impossible to truly know which part of the world lives in absolute harmony, taking a trip to this Scandinavian country might be worth the investigation.

denmark happiest country

 connielyonv gives us a vibrant shot of Copenhagen, Denmark’s trendy and tourist-friendly capital.


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