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60 Lesser-Known Experiences in Italy (FREE EBook)

60 Lesser-Known Experiences in Italy (FREE EBook)

sorrento italy

In Italy, every corner possesses a fascinating history and every individual has a story to tell. Did you know that you can find a little Venice in the heart of Bologna, or that Italy’s natural version of pyramids lies in Segonzano? Do you know how to really live like a local in Catania?

Charming Italy put together a free ebook that offers 60 lesser-known experiences in Italy. These tips offer new ways to explore Italy that go beyond the usual suggested attractions. Below are just a few experiences taken from “60 Additional Reasons to Visit Italy.”

Valadier Temple, Genga:

This majestic octagonal chapel has an amazing location: in the heart of a natural cave on the side of a mountain in the Gorge
of Frasassi. One hour hiking to a breath-taking hidden gem.

The Garden of Ninfa

The Garden of Ninfa is a lush park in Lazio, which includes the ruins of the ancient city of Ninfa. One of Italy’s best-kept secrets, it is considered one of the most beautiful sites in the world by garden lovers.

Grotte degli Schiavi, Conero (Fable)

The Grotte degli Schiavi (Slaves’ Caves) were used by pirates to jail slaves. One day a beautiful princess was made
prisoner: her tears formed the source of pure water that still flows into the Adriatic Sea.

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