Universe conspires

Be the Change: Add Your Dream to Our “Universe Conspires” Wall

Be the Change: Add Your Dream to Our “Universe Conspires” Wall

Universe conspires

They say that if you put your goals out to the universe, the universe conspires to help you achieve them. Here at The Culture-ist we strongly believe in change, but change is only brought about by catalysts who never give up on their visions, passions and dreams. Join us in  following your dream to make the world a kinder, more peaceful, more conscious place where all people are free to carry out their purpose in service of others.

To join this movement, leave a comment with your goals, hopes and dreams and sign it with your name and place of residency. Be sure to start your goal with an affirmative statement such as “I will work for the IRC to implement grant portfolios in the area of public health, child protection, youth development and education and women’s protection and empowerment.”  We will post your goal word for word onto this wall and send it out to the Universe with the strength and power that has been generated from the passion of all those that have become a part of this community.


The Universe Will Conspire to Empower…

Sarah Zinn, Indiana

I will write to report, expose and relate to others. I will inspire people with my writing. I will not give up.

Lane Florsheim, NYC

I will continue to write about the issues that matter most to me. I will surround myself with people who I find inspiring. I will begin to write my book.

Kimberly Bryant, Chiang Mai/Thailand

I will take the video/audio course I’ve been dreaming about forever, along with the accompanying projects; continue to improve my writing, photography, and imagery; make some love-filled t-shirts; play guitar; dance my heart; practice daily mindfulness; and offer myself support & encouragement throughout these endeavors.

Maria Russo, NY/NJ

I will develop a cooperative through the support of The Culture-ist and The Culture Collection to empower poor women in a developing nation, so that they may financially support all of the basic necessities such as education, healthcare and proper housing for themselves and for their families.

Anthony Russo, NY/NJ

I will continue to build The Culture-ist’s global brand recognition to deliver its powerful message to a growing and engaged audience.


Photo by Celestine Chua

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