35 Unusual Facts About Coffee

Did you know that ancient Africans were known to have mixed ground coffee beans with animal fats to make a primitive energy bar? Or that a goat herder first discovered coffee in Ethiopia after his livestock began eating the berries? Perhaps you knew that an ancient Arab woman could divorce her husband if  he did not provide enough coffee?

If you were unaware of the above information, check out the following infographic, which reveals some unusual and lesser-known facts about the world’s most beloved drink. Drop us a note in Comments if you can add to this cool list of coffee tidbits.

35 facts about coffee

*35 Unusual Facts Abut Coffee infographic by graphs.net

  1. visually beautiful post as well as being informative. Did you also know that is nearly impossible to get a decent cup of coffee in the Netherlands or Belgium. We just go for the lovely biscuits they give you. Australia take note, I want a biscuit with my coffee (which by the way is very good). Regards, Paula

  2. Two things wrong The goat herder is a myth, it comes from a text dated back to the 1600s. If you have ever visited Ethiopia you will see goats moving amongst the coffee trees and NEVER eating a leaf or a cherry, why would they have stopped? The Kopi Luwak story in 50 years old and no long true, it now bulk produced by the tonne, there are a number of coffees way more expensive than that produced by some remark estates is special microclimates. There are private auctions for these coffees, and the prices are far higher than $3000.

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