Innovators are Jumping on a New Project: Reinventing Air Travel

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The thought of traveling by plane may conjure up unpleasant images for some, which is why Jawbone’s CEO Hosain Rahman and Fuseproject’s founder Yves Béhar think it is time for a revolution to take flight for air travel. Virgin may have made headway by attempting to make flying more of an experience with mood lights and inflight cocktails, but is that enough? Other airlines are turning to passengers for suggestions; Finnair and Helsinki Airport’s initiative Quality Hunters enlists passengers and service development professionals to propose new and practical ideas on how to improve the flight experience.


Apple’s Jony Ive recently said that if he wasn’t designing iPhones and iPads, he’d be spending his time rethinking–of all things–cups. For Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman and partner-in-crime Yves Béhar, the founder of Fuseproject, their private passion isn’t quite so mundane, though it would be far more of a challenge to reinvent: airline travel.

Rahman and Béhar shared their thoughts on why the air travel experience needs to be redesigned at Fast Company‘s Innovation By Design conference last week, where the pair mused about the universal frustrations consumers have with the airline industry. That’s not to say Jawbone’s next conquest after speakers and wearables is flight or travel, Elon Musk-style. But it does serve as a reminder of how ripe the industry is for disruption, despite the strides made by companies such as JetBlue and Virgin”….Continue Reading

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