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Finding A Perfect Holiday in Cyprus

cyprus holiday

Whatever kind of holiday you’re dreaming about, you can probably find it on Cyprus. The island, which is the third largest in the Mediterranean, is packed with things to see and explore as a result of its ancient history, beautiful geography and lively culture. Book flights to the sunny haven and rest assured that you will find a fulfilling holiday. Here are some of our favorite things to do on the island nation:

For the sun seeker: Relax on Coral Bay, Peyia

On Cyprus, you’ll find stunning beaches at every turn, but for a truly laid-back option, head to this horseshoe shaped cove on the west coast. The sand at Coral Bay is soft and the sea is safe for swimming, which makes it the perfect place for a day on the beach.

For the lovers: Visit Aphrodite’s birthplace

The Rock of Aphrodite is supposed to be the place where the goddess of love first emerged from the sea. The myth is that anyone who swims around the rock will be blessed with eternal beauty, but the rough seas dissuade most visitors from trying it. But even if you don’t brave the waters, the rock formation itself is very impressive, and there’s a certain romance in the air as everyone hopes Aphrodite’s presence will work a bit of magic.

For the historian: Explore the Tomb of the Kings

This UNESCO World Heritage Site dates as far back as 4th Century BC, and will impress even the most seasoned of ancient-ruins visitors. The tombs are carved into solid rock, and despite the fact that no kings were buried here, so many interesting artifacts have been found that excavation is still underway. You need at least a few hours to look around this one.

For the party people: Go out in Ayia Napa

This town is famous worldwide as one of the clubbing hotspots of the Mediterranean. If you’re not a fan of crowds, you probably won’t enjoy a night out here, but if you love nothing more than watching mega DJs perform to packed venues of people who know how to have a good time, you’ll find yourself right at home.

For the tree hugger: Hike the Trodos Mountains

The Trodos Mountains are dream walking territory for any outdoorsy sort of people. The many walking trails wind through beautiful forests, up mountains with spectacular views, and through quaint little towns with some of the best examples of Byzantine churches around.

For the foodie junkie: Stop off at Yeroskipou

For something out of the ordinary make your way to this small town, which is the only place in the world to have a Protected Geographical Indication for the production of Cyprus Delight. The dessert, which is more commonly known as Turkish Delight, has been made in the village for centuries and is exported all over the world. Once you’ve given yourself toothache from all the sugar, head over to see the Folk Art Museum and the unique, 5-domed, Byzantine.

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