coffee or beer what makes you more creative

What Makes You More Creative, Coffee or Beer? (Infographic)

Coffee or Beer : What makes you more creative?
  1. I have tested this. However, I wasn’t aware of any science around it. I just accidentally discovered that if I stretched out on my back with headphones, an Enigma CD and three or four cans of beer I would come up with the ideas I needed. This practice started one Saturday night when I had to come up with topics creative approaches and production ideas for a series of medical documentaries. It worked so well that it became my regimen about four times a year. The thing is I am not a drinker. I only drank beer during those times (about 15 years ago) and haven’t since.

  2. What a cool idea for an infographic. It would be interesting to see how mary jane would stack up against the other two if it were included in the study!

  3. Great info! Living in the land of coffee (Colombia), I find myself relying on it to get through hectic days. But I’ll remember this report when I need a boost in creativity!

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