Basil walnut spread

Way More of the Best Damn Raw Food Recipes Than We Can Count

Basil walnut spread

Curated by Maria Russo

Susan Powers, founder of Rawmazing, has been involved with food and wine for years as a trained sommelier. Having worked with many top chefs and studied classical french cooking along with many other cuisines, Powers developed a passion for creative food. Eating too many heavy dishes that are often part of the SAD (Standard American Diet) eventually led to health ailments, so Powers knew it was time for a change. She followed a raw diet and saw incredible changes in her health and weight — all for the better. On her website, Powers offers a multitude of raw recipes that appeal to any foodie interested in a healthy lifestyle. (Editor’s note: we recommend you use organic ingredients as much as possible when eating raw foods).

From Rawmazing: Raw Food Recipes

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