This New Yoga Retreat in Nicoya Promises a Reconnection with Nature’s Tranquility

Sanctuary at Two Rivers


Situated on manicured wilderness, with more than 300 fruit trees, and nestled between two rivers with waterfalls that flow year round, Sanctuary at Two Rivers creates the feeling of being amongst a private reserve. This new 40-acre private luxury eco-estate is exclusive for only 20 guests.  Home to countless species of flora and fauna including exotic mammals, birds, butterflies, reptiles and amphibians that are common to Central America, this tropical paradise embodies the essence of a tranquil eco-retreat.

Mother Nature’s gifts are bountiful here at Costa Rica’s premier 100 percent off-the-grid solar powered wildlife sanctuary and retreat, which is perched slightly above the Pacific Ocean in Cabuya at the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula — one of only five Blue Zones in the entire world. It is only two miles from Costa Rica’s first National Nature Preserve, Reserva Cabo Blanco.

Resident chef Marcella Dirks believes in compassionate cooking, intentionally designing gourmet vegetarian cuisine that uses Ayurvedic cooking techniques. The diet is purposely environmentally friendly.

The Zen townhouse-style tree houses were constructed with meticulous care by local craftsmen, infusing Japanese architectural flair, accented with natural fabrics, stone tiles, tropical woods and art, the majority of which were taken from quarries in Costa Rica and India. The jungle yoga studio is designed with guests’ comfort in mind and features an adjacent, enclosed Meditation studio.

Whether it’s wandering through the Jurassic jungle, basking in secluded waterfalls, or practicing shavasana on the beach, a stay here promises a realignment with one’s inner self and the surrounding natural environment.

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