In Zambia, Bikes and ‘Zambulances’ Made From Bamboo are Improving Life for Locals

Zambikes Bamboo Bikes


Thinking outside the box, one company in Zambia is using bamboo to create alternative transportation solutions. The innovative company created a line of bamboo-made products to help serve the transportation needs of local communities. The Zambike and the Zambulance are lightweight bikes that are affordable and, best of all, give back to the community.


It is early morning in Lusaka town, as the Zambikes store in the town center opens. Manager Paul Mulenga wheels bikes onto the concrete display slab. He has already answered at least five phone queries and is rushing to take a group of kids on a tour to the factory.

“It’s like this all the time. The bikes are really in demand, sometimes people just want to see them. We always have people visiting the factory,” says Mulenga.

Zambikes is the brainchild of two Zambians and two Americans who spotted an opportunity to provide alternative transportation solutions using an abundant local resource: bamboo. Zambian bamboo permits the manufacture of lightweight bikes for international sale. Profits are split between developing the business and developing the local community. …Continue Reading

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Photo via Zambikes Zambia

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