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Social Media Stars and Screw-Ups: Why Nike Succeeded and McDonald’s was Shamed

Last year was huge in the world of social media and more and more companies saw the value of getting a piece of the pie. For many small businesses, just setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts was a step towards success. Larger companies, no doubt, expanded their budgets to incorporate strategy teams that would create brilliant marketing campaigns.

Among the companies with best social media marketing were Nike, Honda and Sephora, These companies figured out how to create viral responses and positive publicity that boosted their bottom lines. Among the companies with the worst social media blunders were Kitchen Aid, McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A. Offensive tweets and Facebook campaigns royally pissed-off followers and perspective customers, leaving these companies in the “Fail” category for last year’s Biggest Moments in Social Media Marketing (see infographic below).

 social media fails infographic

Source: Biggest Moments in Social Media 2012

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