agritourism farmstay

Discovering Agritourism – Why a Farmstay May Inspire You More Than You Think

agritourism farmstay

In this inspiring episode of On The Go with Mario, Mario Nicholas explores the benefits of agritourism while on a farmstay in the scenic Catskill Mountains. The concept of agritourism has become increasingly popular among travelers seeking out an experiential trip that will provide some insight into where and how their food is being harvested and raised before it reaches their table.

As the public learns more about the inhumane, unethical and unsanitary practices that go on at farms across the country and the world at large, they are becoming actively involved in movements to end factory farming and embrace sustainable farming methods.

This episode was filmed on a “free-range” farm where animals are allowed to roam and graze just as they would in their natural habit. It conveys the beauty of life on a farm and the serene environment that is catalyzed when nature and man live in harmony.

Photo by Artur Szewski/flickr

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