Spinlister: A Bikesharing Program Sort of Like Airbnb


Would you rent your bike to a complete stranger? Spinlister, a new bikesharing marketplace, is counting on it.

This unique online platform will allow travelers to rent a bike from a fellow cyclist or an existing rental shop located in the destination where they are headed. Spinlister allows users to search a large database comprised of bikes available to rent, so they can locate the best set of wheels for their buck.

The three step rental process works almost exactly like Airbnb. Users sign up to join Spinlister, which provides access to the site’s search page where they can peruse through photos and descriptions that will hopefully lead them to a bike that fits their size and style. Once they’ve located the right bike, Spinlisters choose the time and date of the reservation or have the option to message the owner with any questions.

Once a match is made and rental dates are confirmed, renter and owner can discuss any further details via Spinlister’s messaging system. Unfortunately, there is no way to really know if you’ve signed into a totally legit deal and the owners really have no way of knowing if they are renting their bike to a thief. Members are encouraged to verify their account through Facebook and Twitter and post a review about their experiences, so that newbie Spinlisters can see who is keeping their end of the deal and who is in it for a free ride.

Spinlister does have a pretty decent (and delicious) security policy; if your bike is damaged or stolen during a rental period and the renter is unable to reimburse you for the fair value of your bike, they’ll cover the cost up to $5000. Oh, and they’ll buy you a cake too.

Currently the program is offered in New York City and San Francisco, but the company plans to expand to other cities around the country in the future.


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