The Culture Report: Campbell’s Hipster Soups, Italy’s Chernobyl, Insulting Food Idioms

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Grub Street: Campbell’s Launches Line of Hipster Soups ““ When Campbell’s noticed young people just weren’t hitting the Chicken & Stars anymore, they sent their consumer team to “hipster hubs” such as Austin, Portland, and San Francisco to figure out what teens and twentysomethings are eating. After shopping with them for organic vegetables, hitting favorite food trucks, and even getting invited over for anarcho-vegan quinoa and millet-beer pairings, one executive concluded, “They are restless spirits with adventurous tastes.” So what do these “restless spirits” want from a 21st-century soup?”…Continue Reading

Fast Company: A Street Art Memorial To The Little-Known “Italian Chernobyl ““ When the environmental health of a region is so severely compromised that the city or neighborhood becomes synonymous with wreckage, that space can seem less a real-world location than a manifestation of a collective fear–at least for outsiders. But the degradation around the rocket-launching site of Salto di Quirra in southeast Sardinia, Italy, is quite real. And thanks to street artist Blu, we’re looking its way”…Continue Reading

Young Entrepreneur5 Trends Entrepreneurs Should Consider When Naming a Startup ““ What’s in a name? Plenty, judging from the long list of businesses a simple Google search yields when you query “naming your company.” While there are many technical strategies that can be used when picking a name for your startup, you can just as easily flip through the business section of any newspaper to get an idea of how other entrepreneurs are doing it”…Continue Reading

Bay Area Bites: Food Speaks in Many Tongues ““ It was the pungent French insult, shut your smelly Camembert mouth! (ferme ta boîte à Camembert!) that hooked me on my latest obsession: gathering food idioms from different languages. Fellow intercultural explorer Joe Lurie, posted a bumper crop of descriptive FRENCH food phrases, such as these tasty ways to call someone a jerk”…Continue Reading

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