Swanky Beer Drinking 101: Pairings, Optimal Serving Temperatures and Health Benefits

beer and food pairing

Beer has always been labeled as the the type of beverage that is best enjoyed at barbecues, bars and baseball games. It’s the kind of drink most of us have bonded with, late night, in a dorm room, or consumed with a buddy on a warm, lazy day by a relaxing body of water. We love beer, it’s our friend, but in way of sophistication, it hasn’t quite had the same clout as wine, or the swanky cocktail — but that may be changing.

For the past several years, beer has taken on a new facade, one that is local, craft and infused with flavors like coffee, chocolate, and raspberry. Women who would have never thought of straying from their appletinis are now attending beer dinners where topics such as “proper food pairings” and “complexity of flavors” are discussed.

Beer has also won the attention of scientists who have recently been studying the libation’s many health benefits. And as it turns out, this effervescent beverage is good for the heart, bones and brain — all in moderation of course.

This infographic, courtesy of the FRUGAL DAD, highlights the perks of swanky beer drinking, providing tips on food pairings, optimal serving temperatures and how to reap the health benefits of this comfort beverage turned sophisticated socialite.

Beer Infographic

Photo by: flickr/ubraj02
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