Violence against Occupy Protesters on May Day

A Recap of Violence Against Occupy Protesters on May Day

Violence against Occupy Protesters on May Day
Yesterday, hundreds of Occupy protesters and labor activists gathered in cities all across the world to mark International Workers Day, or May Day, to show their support for economic equality. The movement called for a general strike among laborers, which went unheeded by the community at large.
More than 125 cities in the United States, Europe and Australia participated in the event, and minus a few isolated incidents, protests were carried out peacefully. Violence against Occupy protesters on May Day seemed to pick up right where things were left off in November. Several incidents where bodily harm was inflicted on protesters by police officers occurred all throughout the day.
We followed yesterday’s protests via livestream on, which highlighted some of the major events that went on across the United States. We took the liberty of bolding information pertaining to violence against protesters, which you’ll find occurred quite  frequently.
  • 5:30pm: Massive march headed by unions and immigrants rights groups leaving Union Square now. Watch one of many streams live from NYC here. In Oakland, heavily armed police continue to aggressively attack protesters currently engaged in a stand-off.

  • 5:15pm: As riot police tear gas peaceful protesters in U.S. cities, CNN is covering a surprise 2am (local time) visit to Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan by President Obama.
  • 5pm: Calls made at Union Square to “cancel student debt, stop foreclosures, provide jobs and healthcare.” Across the country, after police fire tear gas, protesters in Oakland are marching on City Hall, which is now being surrounded by riot police. Huge marches in Chicago, SF, Seattle, Boston, DC…
  • 4:50pm: via Occupiers in Chicago on Twitter: ¨We are having another Direct Action vs the Banks at 4PM [Central]! Want to join us? Come to 180 W Lake St!¨ Others in Chicago enjoying music in Federal Plaza. In NYC, Das Racist is taking the stage at Union Square.
  • 4:40pm: Between music acts at Union Square, speakers from labor movement call for union rights, end to stop and frisk. Undocumented immigrants speaking now: “No human being is illegal! All workers have a right to organize, to unionize!” Crowd chants ¨We are one!¨ Immortal Technique up soon.
  • 4:20pm: In Chicago, riot police on horses are on the scene as march reaches Federal Plaza on Dearborn.
  • 4:05pm: Tom Morello and friends taking the stage now at packed Union Square singing “Worldwide Rebel Song.” Watch live! Crowds have been estimated over 10,000 and growing.
  • 4pm: Anti-capitalist march in full effect in Seattle. Occupy Detroit is read to re-occupy. #M1GS is live in Los Angeles.
  • 3:40pm: Confirmed that police in Oakland have used tear-gas and grenades on crowds including children, elderly, and people with disabilities peacefully demonstrating. Watch on livestream. In NYC, we are still gathering peacefully for a permitted march at Union Square and getting ready to march to Wall Street at 5:30! The Square is packed!
  • 3:35pm: Marchers in Chicago taking a knee in the street in moment of silence for those who fought for the 8 hr day. In Oakland, reports emerging that police have used flash bang grenades and tear gas. via @BootsRiley: ¨The police have tried to arrest several people during bank shutdowns. All have been physically freed by the crowd.¨ via @OccupiedOakTrib: ¨Young woman being treated for a head wound, blood dripping down side of her face¨

  • 3:30pm: The #Guitarmy has reached Union Square.
  • 3:27pm: Speeches taking place on livestream around the Maypole at Union Square.
  • 3:15pm: Multiple marches of thousands are continuing to enter Union Square for the permitted Solidarity Rally and March with performances from Immortal Technique, Das Racist, Tom Morello, and many more! Come hang out and see a free concert! Occupy Denver, Occupy San Francisco, and many other May Day events are being livestreamed.
  • 3:07pm: NYPD have roughed up a marching occupier until bleeding, arrested, left the marcher bleeding despite chants to uncover the face and provide medical treatment.

  • 3:05pm: According to @NYCLU, several arrests have been made as marchers enter 6th Avenue and Waverly to occupy Wall Street. Meanwhile, unions and immigrants rights groups are setting up for the permitted demonstrations at Union Square.

  • 3pm: March leaving Washington Square Park for Union Square now.
  • 2:50pm: Thousands marching around 32nd and 5th ave. NYPD trying to keep protesters on the sidewalk; marchers sticking to the streets anyway, walking through police lines and around police vehicles. 5th Avenue is #Occupied. Meanwhile, May Day rallies are also underway in Ottawa. In Los Angeles, Occupiers from the ¨North Wind¨ march report: ¨500+ protesters in morning. Riot Police forced detour. Bus Driver donated entire bus to activists convergence-bound!¨
  • 2:30pm: Rally live at Now: NYU students, immigrants, more having a speak-out for economic justice.
  • 2:15pm: Thousands now marching from Bryant, stopping in Madison Square Park, then ending in Union Square for the solidarity march and concert! #OccupyGuitarmy with Tom Morello leading the march, singing “this land is your land.¨ Live on
  • 2:10pm: At Wild Cat march, cops ram people with motorcycles. One falls off and hundreds of marchers run away from aggressive police. Two arrests, both bicyclists, at Lafayette and Spring.
  • 2:03pm: March headed south down 5th towards Union Square. Stopping at Madison to grab Free University folks. Watch livestream at of Wildcat March, currently calmly marching through middle of street.
  • 2pm: NYPD barricading Broadway in the Lower East Side. @allisonkilkenny: ¨Black bloc using police barricades to wall off cops¨
  • 1:50pm: San Francisco march headed down Mission. Oakland anti-capitalist march still on-going. In Chicago, United Nurses, Teamsters, SEIU, and immigrant rights groups continue to gather at Union Park.
  • 1:45pm: NYC Wildcat March at Forsyth and Broome evaded police, taking the streets in Chinatown. High school walk-out/speak-out live here. Another march is returning to Bryant Park, being shoved by riot cops. Bryant continues to fill with people, including the Guitarmy, unions, immigrants rights groups, and more.
  • 1:35pm: In NYC, police attacked the Wildcat March on Houston St as it was beginning. Cops plunged into crowd. Many people shoved, tackled, at least 2 arrested. March just took off running through the park, jumping fences. In Oakland, march is on the move.22nd & Telegraph Broadway (Oakland) have been shut down.

  • 1:30pm: Tom Morello and the #Guitarmy tuning up for 2pm march! Large crowd is already in Bryant Park. The Wildcat March has also began. According to Twitter reports:Approx 100 bicyclists blocking traffic at intersections on Houston St & Chrystie St.
  • 1:27pm: Oakland anti-capitalist march surrounding entrance to a Wells Fargo as riot police protect it. March converging on 22 & Telegraph (Oakland).
  • 1:22pm: @OccupyWallStNYC: An amazing and spirited crowd here at Bryant Park! Come down. We march to Union Square at 2pm!

Photo by: Palinopsia_Films/Flickr

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