Pin It: Travel the World – Lions of the Masai Mara

travel: Lions and zebra on masai mara

Travel the World: Masai Mara – This photo was taken on a morning game drive in the Masai Mara National Reserve. We watched the male lion sit back and wait for his meal while the female lion took on the zebra.


Caroline Baker, Contributing Photographer
For 15 years, Caroline Baker has been photographing landscapes, wildlife, people from across the globe, and various products and brands. Her photography captures the energy of candid, everyday events as well remarkable experiences and situations. Caroline’s current projects stem from an ever-growing interest in health and fitness, food, fashion, nature, and travel. Based on her fascination with adventure and exotic culture, Caroline travels extensively for her images. Her goal is to create photographs that inspire, motivate, and move people through artistic, natural, and intimate images. Check out her photos on her blog, CarolineCameraFollow Caroline on twitter @carolinecamera

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