App Rewards Volunteers With Discounts and Local Businesses With Customers app model

Giving back has never been easier., a new mobile app connecting local business, nonprofits, and people interested in volunteering, has found a way to stimulate business locally while helping people find ways to get involved with charitable organizations. The app, which debuted during SXSW Interactive in Austin, will allow users to receive discounts at local stores in exchange for volunteering, or helping to promote nonprofit causes through social media.

According to an article on GOOD, the app was created by Gagan Dhillon, a 20-year old Indianapolis-based entrepreneur who, in conjunction with five nonprofits and five local businesses, plan to launch the app in Indianapolis later this month. Following the initial launch, Dhillon hopes to have things up and running in Houston and says the updated version of the app will make the program available to any community.

The article aslo points out that “ offers two actions for users: Sign up for a “say cause”””liking a nonprofit on Facebook or tweeting about it, for example””or a “do cause,” a real-world volunteer event to check into, like a tree planting. Participating in either earns a user points that can be redeemed for discounts at local businesses and offers a marketing boost for companies: ‘If I’m a small business that cares about arts organizations, I can target all the people in my city that care about the arts,’ (Dhillon says). Nonprofits receive access the email lists of everyone who signs up for their causes for $29 per month.”

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