Photo Essay: A Stroll Through Salamanca

Contributing writer, Shawn Moksvold, shares a beautiful photo essay depicting the iconic architecture and youthful spirit of this historic city.

tormes river salamanca, spainAlong the shores of the slow-moving Tormes river, facing the historic center of Salamanca, there is a small boat rental booth where you can take a paddle boat on the quiet waters as large storks and peregrine falcons fly over.

 A cold winter afternoon in Salamanca, this photo was taken along a quiet bike trail near the Tormes river.

The beginnings of the reliably vibrant nightlife of Salamanca, in the Plaza Mayor.  Here one is almost required to enjoy perfectly grilled tapas like ribs, seasoned sausages and panceta. 

The glowing lights of the Plaza Mayor at night.  Since 1755, this has been Spain’s “heart full of sun and fresh air,” and now a perfect place to sample the endless variety of tapas and wine while surrounded by astounding and deep history.

Inside the Casa de las Conchas, a historical building that was built from 1493 to 1517, which now houses the public library.

The tall façade of the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

Standing on the Roman bridge that spans over the Tormes river, facing the historic center of Salamanca.

Walking the narrow streets of the historic center of Salamanca, with the Catedral Nueva towering above.

At night, sitting in a park among the trees, the buildings glow. Pictured here are the Medieval Towers next to Catedral Vieja.

Shawn Moksvold BioAbout the Writer:

Shawn Moksvold is a freelance writer with particular interests in travel, food and wine, and Spanish culture.  He graduated with a BA in Creative Writing and Linguistics at Northern Arizona University, and currently teaches English to elementary school children. He writes for his blog, A Casual Notebook, and currently lives in Madrid, Spain.

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