Africa’s Greenest Home is Made from Plastic Bottles

When there are lemons some make lemonade and when there is the waste of plastic bottles some make”…homes?

According to a recent article in Inhabitant, that’s exactly what DARE (Development Association for Renewable Energies) did with Kaduna’s plethora of plastic bottles strewed throughout its crowded streets. Using the simple building techniques of packing sand in used bottles and gluing them together with cement, mud and an intricate lacework of string, the 624 sq. ft bungalow could be considered state of the art to some degree. The home is supposedly bullet and fireproof, earthquake resistant and should stay around the cozy temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

The multi-colored bottle caps give the bungalow a modern aesthetic; its cool design screams innovative, urban and avant-garde. The great success of the project has the African Community Trust (the NGO which sponsored the project) pondering the idea of building more plastic bottle homes in the future. With a dire shortage of homes and an absurd amount of littering, this could truly be the kind of lemonade Nigeria needs.

Photo: Inhabitat


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