ecoVINO: Bringing Organic Wine to Your Table in an Astrapouch

If you’re an environmentally conscious wine drinker, you may have noticed the lack of sustainable packaging that encases your wine. You probably also noticed that finding a delicious, organic wine isn’t easy. Well, (drum roll…) a company by the name of ecoVINO may just quench your palate.

ecoVINO caters to a unique audience in the wine market by pairing good wine with eco-conscious practices. From the vineyard to your glass, the company uses California-sourced, organic grapes and sustainable processing to maintain quality, and minimize the impact on the planet. They’ve even done away with the traditional wine bottle for a more compact, recyclable, food-grade pouch (invented in South Africa) known as the Astrapouch.

Due to the Astrapouch’s construction, ecoVINO’s wine is meant to be imbibed rather quickly, not aged over time. It’s especially convenient for everyday wine drinkers and for parties as it holds a liter and a half of wine (that’s two bottles worth for those counting), yet it weighs slightly more than half my chihuahua (he’s a whopping five lbs.)

So, the next time you’re hosting friends or just feel like a little vino, check out ecoVINO (available at Trader Joe’s) and support a small business that’s doing something good.

Photo by: boubou1/Flickr

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